Friday, January 11, 2008

Dog and Cats

Dog Bark into the night

Lil girls scattering around bedfloor

Running downstair, under death howling beast

Closed doors, Bashing forward under pression

Ichi, Still bark for your sake in the night

Nina never cry anymore

Trapped Finger in the dog doors

Ichi, Licking is murderer finger with his toxic saliva

Cry of laugher spread under the forced circumsition

Another poor rapist as been castrated

Dripping finger around the welcome carpet

Nina running in the kitchen for some sugar square

Tin foil Bowl hanging on the floor

Madman still craving his arms of rape

Ichi always love those sugary bloody finger

Nina laughing picture fly till the roof

Barking dog outside running to his ma

Purring Dog inside go sleep tighly against nina