Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Educational Television

the price is right 31 mars 2005

on that it started...
it was merely 10 or 8(who know?)
in the deep of the morning country
tormentation of drug slice open the morning sky.
laughing stock*beep*beep*beep*
bob barker dead drone
wild crazy materialism speech
can i be more surprise?
in a fourth reich game show
look at your new kitchen icon
people on junk
to find out what to own
behind the back door
canadian guy
having heart attack on air
that a weird bid - actual quotes...
babe in red,death machine of death
thats what a buck
buy you in america

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bob in office

its just in!!
the new confirmed secretary of defense Robert Gates or Mr.Bob was introduce by our presidents,at first i started to laugh but thought that maybe he was really call bob but no,that sound pretty casual talking,that the dude who rule on 300 million american and make the entire rest of the earth hate that 300,that the kind of guy he is,live on tv introducing the new lord of conspiracy like some distant cousin,as im writing this im sure all the hollywood morning and late night talk show writer are on there pad writing joke on Bob and the president,i just cant stop picturing that oval office a morning where bob will have shoot someone in the back or eat the last twinkies and georgie boys will yell out BOB ! get out of the way laurel and hardie here come bob and georgie
damn america rock

PS:George first rules of policy and diplomaty when introducing someone for the first time call him Mr.Gates or Robert.....but definetly not Bob!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 can't handle the truth...