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النبي الكاذب يعود داءما

In 1963, Jane Roberts and her husband Rob earned their livings as writer and artist respectively, along with other related odd jobs

At Rob’s suggestion, Jane began to outline a possible book that would investigate such topics which developed into "How To Develop Your ESP Powers". She and Rob began experiments to gain first hand knowledge for the book and used the Ouija Board for the first time.

In 1963 Jane Roberts was first introduced to the personality named Seth, a non-physical teacher who spoke through her until her death in 1984. During that time, Jane and her husband Robert F. Butts published over thirteen volumes of Seth’s teachings, which have become classics in the field of metaphysics. All are based on the following guiding concept, which forms the cornerstone of Seth’s message

Seth always referred to Jane as Rubert and Rob as Joseph because, as Seth put it, these names represented their greater selves from which their present identity sprang

For 15 years, from Sept. 1967 through July 1982, they devoted each Monday and Wednesday to private sessions where Rob recorded over 1500 Seth sessions. Jane also began classes at that time so others could explore ESP, and eventually began going into trance during class. In the beginning, classes were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a charge of $2.50 per person

She came to believe her job was to enlarge our concepts of the non-objective world.

The channeling craze began in earnest in 1972 with the publication of Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, her husband. They claim that "Seth," a very wise "unseen entity," communicated his wisdom to Jane, who dictated to Butts while she was in a trance. Though Roberts, a somewhat accomplished poet, was obviously very literate and widely read in many religious and occult traditions (including jung ), her advocates portray her as communicating ideas beyond her ability. They take this as proof she was inspired. This is true: Roberts and Butts were probably inspired by the depth of human credulity.

The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts B00024 . . . . . . Softcover Book . . . $17.95
In the first book dictated by Seth, he describes the multidimensional nature of the human personality, its range in time and space, and its connections with all aspects of the universe.This book provides an excellent overview of the Seth philosophy.

The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts B00023 . . . . . . Softcover Book . . . $17.95
In his second book, affectionately known as the 'practical' Seth book, Seth offers an expanded view of how our bodies constantly recreate themselves, and how the events in our lives are created in line with conscious beliefs and suggestions. Contains many techniques and exercises for solving everyday problems and enriching the life we know.

The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression by Jane Roberts B00040 . . . . . . Softcover Book . . . $15.95
In Seth's fifth book, he reveals a new concept of the self, discusses love as the basic language from which all others spring, and delves into the expression of our human nature in sexuality and dreams. This book also includes simple exercises to expand awareness of the deeper portions of the psyche.

A Seth Reader edited by Richard Roberts B00035 . . . . . . Softcover Book . . . $15.95
A Seth Reader contains the essence of the wisdom of Seth, collected in chronological order from The Seth Material, Seth Speaks, The Unknown Reality Volumes I & II, The Nature of the Psyche, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, and Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment Vol. I & II. Among the topics are the nine families of consciousness, the evolution of earth and its creatures, past civilizations, how thoughts form reality, the illusion of time and the eternal validity of the soul.

The Seth Video V00002 . . . . . .Video in VHS format . . . . . $49.95
V00003 . . . . . Video in PAL format . . . . . . $54.95
BRA002 . . . . Audio of Video . . . . . . . . . . . . $9.95
"We were explorers and we were going to be very careful about exploring something we didn’t understand . . . but we were going to do it."
-Jane Roberts
This video contains the only visual record available of Seth speaking through in-trance Jane Roberts, as well as the only filmed interview of Jane and her husband Robert F. Butts. It also includes footage of Seth speaking at one of Jane’s weekly ESP classes.

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in seth words...

." I bid you and all a fond good evening. Those blessings that I have to give I give you freely, and those that I do not have to give, you are seeking on your own."

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N.azi S.ocialism A.ssociation

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