Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D'os source

boredom reality
gun blazing action on the 5 o'clock news
twisted reality
cloudy storm in the sunrise
insane reality
wall street gambler holding the juice
stupid reality
african still waiting for their powder water
tax free reality
god wont save the queen in song
holding back reality
the poor are crying in the street
true reality
insane people are in the street
american reality
drop the bomb,but dont rock the boat
screaming reality
stuff dummy,paper bag heart
mechanized reality
cant walk without a GPS anymore
hurtful reality
no eyes,no ear,no nose,no mouth
open reality
everyone kill each others
in a last inconvenient ignorance bliss

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new beginning

cinematic car crashes

bystander tourist
capturing the news in there own eyes
no sympathy for the other self
watch them go,watch them run
backward attitude for themself
lock in a moment
frozen in time by the years
water star lock in a glass
falling,falling,everything drop
everything fall
when your lying on the floor
but everyone want there part
in this un ending fall
grab on a vacuum
and broom for yourself