Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't look at me!what do you think i am ? a peep show??

our precious Etch a Sketch® was stolen from our office,so we decided that today would be one years since we started our war effort,so like any good free country here our report
total video uploaded : 4 715
total video view : 10 168 849
total video downloaded :1 483 973
total video view per day : 100 000
total page view : 73 501
average hit per day : 600

i wish to thank everyone who take the time to visit this page,and you came from.....

United States Netherland Israel Singapore Kuwait
United Kingdom Sweden Brazil Virgin Island,US Honduras
France Italy Costa Rica Austria Slovenia
Germany Thailand Slovakia Lithuania Taiwan
Switzerland Ireland Sri Lanka Monaco Puerto Rico
Canada Russian Federation Bahrain Turkey Denmark
Japan Finland Luxembourg Uruguay Republic of Korea
Czech Republic Norway Croatia Chile Belarus
Spain Senecal Serbia&Montenegro Hong Kong Albania
Egypt Mexico Romania Algeria Bangladesh
Portugal Panama Greece South Africa Saudi Arabia
India Argentina Australia Malaysia Peru
Belgium Hungaria Morocco Ukraine Georgia
Poland Colombia Venezuela Guatemala Islamic Republic of Iran
El Savador Cuba Ecuador Viet Nam Bulgaria
Brunei Darussalam Mongolia Uzbekistan New Zealand Bosnia&Herzegovina
Latvia Estonia Dominica Qatar Liechtenstein
Iceland Jordan Aruba Oman Cyprus China
Malta Cote D'Ivoire United Arab Emirates Benin Djibouti

as for questions,suggestions,complaint and other unnecessary thing go to :

a very special un-thank you to Kevin Smith,you can go FistFuck yourself you piece of shit!!

That's all folk.......Smell you later!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Etch A Sketch®