Wednesday, January 14, 2009

trio numero 3

-AHHHRRgg! ya dont have enough kids,ya a dime short! cant let me have it say our six years old heros.

-NO! if you dont have any money get out of the way,i have other customers who have money,if i would let go my cola to everyone who a dime short i would go out of business...HEY! what do you think?.....interrogating the next what it will be for you miss

our little kid,is hot dog under the arm was walking in the hot sand of the beach,kicking the sand away with every footsteep,having finish is hot dog in two bites.he was cursing this bad man who deprive him of his colathat he now needed more then ever,with one eyes on the line of vending machine,his thirst and the sun being so hot he started to think that the vending machine was laughing at him like the hot dog vendors had done.


-OH ! yes an empty can,one more and i can buy a cola

excited by this distinct sound of an impact on a can,his head became a weather-vane,scrutinizing the horizon in hope to discovers is nickel to become

he run in circle like that for a couple of minute,long enough to have him dripping sweat from his forehead,his short race but still spectacular ended with him standing like and ostrich in front of the can,after spitting out all the sand,the need for this cola was more then justify

-mmmmm what that?that not a can....

throwing back to the sand what would be for us the lamp of aladin

| user manual |
| rub me |

was writed under the lamp

-bah...why not.....


-Ana yékoun ag-nabi fanouss,inta yékoun li sahab ech-chaa.....
oups my bad,sorry im all mess up again in my language,let me try again

-I am the Genie of the lamp,you are my master.i grant you three wish.
you could.....

-can i have a dime?

-oh yeah sure ! *PooF*here you go

the genie drop the dime in the hand of our young boy who was already running toward that once evil vendors

-no wait kid!you didnt understand....oh damn

the little kid was walking back to the genie finishing his cola

-now listen kid,i have to explain something to you.....

*Beurp!* was the kid hi

-five thousand years for this.....anyway listen carefully you only have two more wish,you have to understand i can make great think,i can do a lot better then a lil dime and if you had tell me you wanted one of those think you could have say so i would had made case of these appear....

-that what i want ! pointing with his finguer at the genie.

-arrrgg!will you let me finish,here another ruined wish..

a throne of soda case appear under our little boy who immediatly started to drink his throne.

the genie on his knee in front of this new soda emperor was trying one last time his complaint

-listen kiddo...let me show you the extend of my power,i can accomplish incredible wonders,take your time before taking your last wish.

the little kid open up one eyes take of from his mouth is x can of soda,with one eyes reaching for the blue of the sky and his tongue licking up his upper lips.he started to emit the sound of his reflection.


-oh i know!i want you to open the ligth in the universe,i always wanted to see what between the star at night

-no...your not serious,why did you say that.....

the canvas was showing our little blue marble floating in the darkness of the universe,the distant star keep on shimmering like the have been for century.....then next to the earth appear a gigantic light chain,those kind of chain we find in every american house when you want to operate a light item.

the sound of the metal chain was slowly letting himself resonate in the universe,to finally let the ligth shine

for a moment nothing,an emptyness of white.the light of the star had vanish in all this white,but then for a trained eyes some could percive distant movement,like some hopping of some sort.

then emerging near our planet a gigantic green furry ball of teeth with a shiny star at the end of a snout

then a purple one emerge closer to our earth yawning all his teeth out

we could saw one of those monster jump down on the far mars behind engulfing

the purple monster beside our planet yell out



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