Saturday, February 17, 2007


lighten a light
turning an hazard
ligthing never hitting same spot twice
hazardous stranger on the road
spot in our mind keep on running
empty road empty street
keep on the mind game running

brushing away the paint
retouching a masterpiece
why does she smile in her confine windows
after all those years
only her know who her eyes follow
throught soul and steel
she still wait silently
that a lonely bystander reveal her secret
she know and i know....

rythmic guitar
tambourine march
only one have her name repeat years after years
she the one who everyone whisper her name in the closet
musical muse or sexual muse
she take all the part in the traviata
no dictionnary needed to listen 2 her voice
listen in your souls she whisper the truth for you eyes
she the one announcing the spring renewal

speak in tongue,but the =
results always the same way
blind man already walk the path
"cette main que je tient toujours..."
feel the grip of truth in those unwritten words
préceptes francais,französische gebote
soon we will teach you all
how to order a coffee in a old german pub...


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