Tuesday, October 31, 2006


as for anyone living in the capitalism consommation part of the earth,tonight its Halloween,those who dont know what the scam is about "wikipedial it".So my wife and i turn our kids into forced labour and made them turn our modest house in a real castle greyskull(again those who dont know the castle greyskull,wikipedial it!)task that they fail miserably,with our two tons block of hard candy we started to feed all your halloweenies,then this appen


-some candies please!

-oh,but that a nice costume,in what are you in ?

-im disguise in chatmillionaire

-oh,right right.....so.....you think you can sing me a lil song if you want candy ?

-yeah just a second

that 8 and 7month start to look in his pocket and took out....

-that my IPOD,i have 2000 song on it,so old man what song you want to hear?

with that i was on the floor gasping for air between two laugh,i finally get up put two quarter
in his unicef box,throw a double ration of candy in his bag and choose a 50cents song to shake my groove


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