Monday, March 03, 2008


At the end of the great real war,every nation of the planet earth destroy there weapon of war,
Every bomb dropping plane,fast action rifle,ballistic missiles and the tank mammouth of steel
Were melted,recycle into various object of global utility.

It all started at 11:11 on the 21 december 2012,a kind of global humanity christmas gift to them,Iran leaded the attack,they will forever remember as the scapegoat of this effort for as for today the country formely know as Iran dont exist anymore,every children and woman of this proud nation was eradicated even before they could finish there attack.

What could have been a local fight between two nation took a unpredicted path as for every nation that was part of the planet earth at this time work in a single minded entity to take out the giant,country who had nothing like the Niger and Sierra leone participate without hesitating,shoulder to shoulder with other giant like mother Russia,Germany or China into this action that took many of there brother and sister,it was decided after all the dust was fallen that the loss in human casualty wouldnt be reported since is number was so high,but still today we remember every last one of them.

A turn of event that no one could ever anticipated,even those implicated in those attack were the implication of there comrade who had fled there country for a reason or another and establish themself into that country,building home,store,studying to become doctor,fireman,policemen....

Those man which we call now the ¨Saints¨ were our force inside the ennemy territory,they attack there benefactor even before they could knew it,some experts explain there behavior throught the release of a movie years before the evenement entitled ¨the merits of the righteous¨

This war that went on for eight month,was the last war of the planet Earth,no movie,no picture of those event in this war were kept,some say that no one even took time or thought of documenting those evenement,exception for only one picture,a six years old boys named Ulf Gunberg was shown kicking the teeth out of a formely well know young singer,in those time they were call celebrity,term that today dont exist anymore,the work of that singer as long been lost,the only details on her was that she was friend with a Mickey,no information on this Mickey are know our days

The original picture of Ulf,know globally as ¨Freedom¨ now reside beside La Gioconda at The Louvre in France,the young Ulf vanish without anyone knowing what happen to him.

Of the United State of America today remains nothing,the country who was between the Canada and Mexico and dictated a regime of terror on every nation of planet Earth was transform into a natural park,every bits that could let anyone know that a civilization once stood there was destroy. With is destruction Earth gained a second lungs,in the years after those events global warming,ozone problem and pollution started to dissipate. Every citizen of the planet Earth since those event can eat every day,go to school,learn and that in a global peace planetary system,no more racist,sexism,social class problem,corrupted leader or false prophet


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