Saturday, June 24, 2006

CNN Nation Guest Starring Fat Ass Michael Moore

on vous sert du réchauffé du 17.10.04

tv junkies zombies of the 20th century dont think by yourself!!!
all standing in line waiting for the new plague to come wash them off
give me my 500mg of raw news and my 200mg of percodant
another girl rape,another drunk man in a killing spree
another good fucking show!

Please lobotomize my kids
so when they decide to go kill people
i will blame you !
sell me another crap,another star,vitamins and what the hell
sell me a mind !
hey kids tonigh lets learn about the new fashion,the cool stuff,and all those other fucking words
this years is pure neo-nazi brainwashing american style,why not go burn black foetus tomorrow
Please Tv God tell me how to think next!


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